Monday, August 11, 2008

as with the dual cassette, the dvd player, the Ipod, the laptop, e-mail...

... and countless other improvements in technology, i in true tracy fashion, have taken interest in something - in this case, blogs, several years after it's been explored, explained, exploited, expected and excited about.

i'm not sure what the protocol is for the inaugural published post, but a mission statement of some sort seems appropriate.

my name is tracy. i am a performing artist of dance and music. i will use this forum to to tell you about my life on this path, i.e., my process and ongoings. i will also tell you all about the other wonderful artists of various mediums whom i think you should know better.

as the reigning queen of tangents, i will likely talk about other topics i find "blog-worthy" ... once i figure out what that actually proves to mean.

until then ... thanks for reading!