Wednesday, November 25, 2009

on this .. holiday season eve ...

Coming up on the gluttonous kick-off to the insanity of the next 5 weeks - I'm preparing for a lot of overwhelming activity - eating, drinking, spending, traveling and many bouts of emotional outburst.

Right or wrong, I'm not one to focus on the historic and/or religious significance of this time - I grew up in a largely secular household, whereby the "holiday spirit" meant partaking in tireless traditions of which I feel so fortunate to have been part. Whether it be the annual Eisenberg NYC holiday dinner ("Dad, finally you get to see the big city!" -- he's been commuting here for 35 yrs), or Brandon's bizarrely accurate sound effects for Paul McCartney's "Wonderful Christmas Time", we typically leave no stone unturned, memory-wise.

In recent years, with both my brothers/sister-in-law elsewhere in the country, it's no longer guaranteed that we'll all be together during the holidays. Last year was the first in several we were able to swing it. While sadly, neither my brothers, nor my niece / coming nephew will be 'round this time, I look forward to us joining again in the early new year -- to welcome baby Henry!

Change is ever-present, commanding you not take time with loved ones for granted... of this, I am increasingly aware. And I will be reflecting on that most of all in the coming 5.

Ok ... this entry is far more corny than planned. Blame Santa.

Bottom line though, sincerely ... I'm thankful for all of you, near and far.