Sunday, March 21, 2010

News (and more news)

hi friends -- and happy SPRING!

Lots and lots to tell -- here goes ...

New … career direction

First news to share is that I'm resigning my post at the real estate agency, having been offered a full time position as a marketing assistant. I’ll be working closely with a few different departments of an investment company - assisting with the content/distribution of various marketing efforts - (so if anyone knows how to use InDesign .. :) it’s going to be a challenging and I no doubt rewarding position - wish me luck!

In the end, I made some deals (thank you, thank you) and took my pound of flesh from the mania that is NYC real estate. Finally able now to start a Tracy Goes Back to School fund, which I plan to invest as soon as I've narrowed down to a program I can both finance and feel fits the bill for making more possible a backstage career in the arts. (Will also of course have to fit in with a full time job.)If you have recommendations or know people who have gone through a non-profit and/or arts administration program they felt was successful and worthwhile, I'd love some advice on making this choice.

Though I'm moving on, I have to say that the past year has been the crash course in initiative I probably needed. Outside of the work, I regularly find myself being more clear and direct about the things I need and want; from finally getting my landlord to fix up the apartment (my new windows are beautiful!), to day-to-day little snags I would have more typically let slide, this sink or swim nature of a living served me well to this end - a quality I don't doubt made me a more competitive candidate for the position I‘m about to begin. I’m going to keep my license active and stay informed of the market - it’s a fascinating world I remain intrigued by.

(Learning to Fly blares from the Ipod shuffle - both apropos and awesome godilovethissong)

New … apartment.

And speaking of the market, I’m seeking a long overdue change of address - will do so by the summer. I'm aiming to remain in my beloved Brooklyn, but keeping an open mind. Stay tuned.

New … teaching opportunities.

Put said initiative to work and submitted a proposal to be a guest teaching artist at SUNY Potsdam -- it’s looking good for me to bring Lori Russo and our project Love, Isadora to the college stage in the Fall. We would combine the performance with taking over the dance and drama courses for the week. The idea of seeing my work on 30 or so students at once is very exciting.
I’d also be speaking to the department about my artistic endeavors here in New York since graduation. If you can tell me where, by the grace of God, to even begin on that lecture -- I’m all ears.

Haven’t gotten official word of our acceptance, but I’m feeling confident we will make this happen. I know, I shouldn’t jinx it!

All levels welcome -- come dance!

I’m launching a weekly beginner modern dance class, beginning in April, latest May --adult beginner is my favorite level to teach and I’m working on a curriculum that I hope to be inspirational.
Still need a few more students to commit so I can go ahead and secure the time and place -- so far, it’s down to Wednesday or Thursday evenings at Mary Seidman Studios(again, stay tuned.)

New … Old.

The new(ish)bassist of The Possessions (Rob Carpenter) is also a stellar sound technician, working diligently on re-mixing old tracks from previous albums of ours. So far, the improvements are just astounding. Frank and I are re-recording a bunch of tracks, both vocals and other elements of the arrangements -- giving the songs a chance to shine in the ways they are meant to.
Selfishly, I’m most excited to redeem some less-than-pro vocal performances. I’m stronger and more comfortable with the recording process now - nice to get another go at it ;)

There is much more I'm tempted to get into, but I'm going to pause the newsfeed for now ...

On a side note, I want to mention a fun experience I had last night -
Went to see drummer Dave's friends perform a rootsy acoustic set at The Loving Cup in W'burg- I regret I don't know his last name, but Dave's friend Chris (drummer for The London Souls) is a truly gifted musician who makes "guy with a guitar" a listening experience during which you're not tempted to groove your head a bit and then return to your book. The range in genre, vocals and guitar chops keeps you in there. No small feat.

Dave wound up taking over on drums throughout the sets, which seemed to open the floodgates for willing musicians to jump on tamb, cowbell, sit in on piano or even sing harmonies, which I did myself to Poor Elijah -- one of my favorite songs, one that I've been wanting to cover.
It was an unexpected, purely fun and very warm musical experience - the way it oughta be.

Thanks for reading. More to come very soon - promise!