Wednesday, December 15, 2010

My brother Jeremy sent this to me ---

It's a beautiful animation piece by Ryan Woodward --

From a dancer's perspective, I am blown away by the authenticity - especially the moments where he hinges backward and falls. The woman's movements are decidedly more jewelry box-ballerina, but, it works within the context of the relationship.
The theme song is fitting and very pretty --  but not necessary - I was more moved watching it in silence.

Looking forward to a great holiday -- the whole family will be gathering in Florida. This will be the first time all of the Eisenbergs and extended Eisenbergs will be united in I don't know how long. Cousins Maggie, Henry and Lily will finally all get to play together! A momentous occasion indeed!

I added some pics from the residency, but, just wanted to mention what an eye-opening week it was. I loved working with the students at SUNY Potsdam. It felt fantastic to be in front of a class so eager to learn. They were gracious, talented, attentive and curious -- and the faculty was just as warm and inspired as I remembered them. I can't tell you how nourishing an experience I've had.

Most importantly, it made me realize how much I get out of teaching - it's given me a new, fresh energy I want to keep with me.

As expected, Lori astounded the town with her performance as Isadora Duncan. Many stayed for the post-performance discussion -- we could have talked all night! Listening to feedback and how the work was interpreted by audience members was fascinating. Between the character, performance and dramatic (true) historical setting of the piece ..  there was so much to unravel and discover.
We've received an RFP from Lori Belilove, to (potentially) perform in an Isadora celebration next Spring -- will keep you posted on performances here in NY and beyond.

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