Tuesday, August 2, 2011

hey ...

so, lots to talk about. .. but where to begin?

Rehearsals are in full effect for new choreography I'll be presenting over the next several months. I'll be producing open studio showings which will lead to an evening length presentation I feel has great promise.

For those of you who have come to my productions of years past, this will be a diversion from what's come to be my signature choices, artistically. I will be incorporating multimedia and vocabulary that is, at this point, uncomfortably out of my range - but it's a growing pain I needed to experience for the subject matter at hand.
(I don't feel comfortable blogging about it, but if you have questions about the work's primary inspiration, I'm forthcoming to discuss.)

Essentially, I've returned from what'd felt like hovering over my life, observing with disbelief that certain experiences had come to pass, and others came to stay.

I'm only being vague and existential so you'll come to the shows. I'll trust it's working.

Let's Cheer Up: 

I'm grant writing! Currently, my focus is on a fantastic outreach technology organization called iGotITtoo, who reaches communities in underserved neighborhoods with free technology workshops and other educational offerings. They're contribution is immeasurable, I'm proud to be part of their growth.

I am absolutely for hire, so if you know of any non-profits or independent artists seeking a (relatively) inexpensive option, let me know!

Tracy ... the EP?
YES. It's happening. Songs on tape. From me, to you. This won't be a glossy-flossy production, but it'll exist in good form. I am collaborating with area musicians / songwriters to finally get these g*d damn songs finished.
Life got in the way a bit, but now I'm ready to rock!
Well, after the dentist. Then yes. Rock.
(Ms. Prisco, I'm lookin' your way )

Tracy ... the website? Coming soon to a laptop near you ... 
My web presence will be condensed into one, fun-filled adventure called www.tracyeisenberg.com.
(don't click, it's not ready yet :)

First Comes Love ... 
In other singing news.... I was given the honor to sing for one of my best friends, Katie Freedman, and her husband for their first dance as a married couple! Their song of choice was By Your Side by Sade. I can't say I didn't get a bit choked up here and there, but overall, it was a wonderful moment to share with them. Mazel Tov!

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Katie said...

Hooray!! It was our honor!